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MPS Tech Crew Students Take the Stage at Dell Technologies World 2024 Conference

MPS Tech Crew Students Take the Stage at Dell Technologies World 2024 Conference
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Anna Aguilar

Dell Technologies Chairman and CEO Michael Dell asked WHS Tech Crew students to join him on stage in front of 20,000 IT and technology professionals at the Dell Technologies World 2024 conference in May. 

In a lifetime, there are limited opportunities when a teen might find themselves in a facility with 20,000 people. The chances are slimmer for a high school junior. The chances are then fractional for a high school junior to be asked by Dell Technologies Chairman and CEO Michael Dell to join him on a stage in front of 20,000 IT and technology professionals at the Dell Technologies World 2024 conference in Las Vegas. That’s exactly what happened to three Westmoore High School juniors in May.  
As a partner in education with Dell, Moore Public Schools Technology Director Jun Kim and Assistant Superintendent of Federal Programs and CareerTech Jimmy Martin initiated a TechCrew program with former CareerTech Specialist Micah Willieford whereby students can follow a technology-focused pathway toward Dell certification while in school. Through the course pathway, students grow in the program to work as a TechCrew members as a part of their school day. As a one-to-one district for student laptops and devices, TechCrew students are an incredible asset to the MPS Technology team and they gain work-based learning and develop resumes at the same time.
In spring, Kim received a call from Creator of Dell Student TechCrew Kim Bourtwell asking if he had students who would like to attend Dell Technologies World 2024, with two catches. First, the students would be a part of a professional video promo and join Dell on stage with other global technology leaders toward the end of the keynote session about “Innovators of Tomorrow.” Second, the students would set up at the village and interact during various conference sessions, so attendees could meet them and chat about the TechCrew program.
Not only did the WHS students get on stage and meet Dell, but they met Samsung's Sungwoo Hwang and NVIDIA's Jensen Huang during the Keynote, as well.
“This is the biggest, annual stage for technology professionals and leaders. For our students to be hand-picked to represent not only Westmoore but our whole district was the most incredible call I’ve had; it was almost unbelievable,” said Kim.
The Dell Technologies World 2024 conference had a theme of “Accelerate your AI Adoption,” with speakers and technology focused on that topic, in addition to the tech-based sessions for attendees in categories like Innovate at the Edge, Modern Data Center, Modern Workplace and more.
Westmoore High School 2025 seniors Jose Rios, Aeris Broeker and Boston Quigel heard speakers Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and WNBA Champ and Olympic Gold Medalist Lisa Leslie share about AI in their specific industries. They also met McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown, actress and producer Lisa Ling and Katya Echazarreta, the first Mexican-born woman in space.
Kim said there was a time after the keynote that Dell spent some time with TechCrew students and emailed a personal note of gratitude afterward. Rios, Broeker and Quigel are working as summer IT support and will be a part of the 2024-25 internship program with the MPS Technology Department. WHS Repair Program Teacher Renee Griffith led the students during the conference with Kim and IT Client Tech and TechCrew Support Curtis Vass assisting.
Without teachers like Renee at Westmoore and our others at Moore and Southmoore, the MPS TechCrew program would never be as successful as it is today.
 -  Jun Kim, MPS Director of Technology
About the Tech Crew Program
MPS students have the option to enroll in a computer-based pathway leading to the TechCrew team that starts in 9th grade with Fundamentals of Technology. The Repair I course is for 10th grade, which may lead to the Dell Tech Direct certification. Repair II is for 11th grade and can lead to working on-site with technicians from the MPS Technology team. After completion of these courses, seniors are ready to apply for a TechCrew paid internship with up to 10 hours of work per week.
The Fundamentals of Technology, TechCrew I, and TechCrew II are Comprehensive CareerTech Courses that are part of the Business, Information Technology Education (BITE) career pathway and can count as computer credits on a student transcript. Current Oklahoma high school graduation standards require college prep students to have two (2) units of World Language or Computer Tech and these courses satisfy these credits. The Computer Repair pathway is one of our pathways available through Comprehensive Career Tech.
Learn more about the computer courses available to high school students here.
Watch the Dell Technologies World 2024 Keynote Promo below featuring MPS TechCrew students at 0:03, 0:57, 1:43, 1:45 and 1:48:

Watch Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell introduce MPS Tech Crew students and others to the stage during the Dell Technologies World 2024 conference keynote:  

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